Women's WORLD has been passing out one version or another of this questionnaire since the Beijing conference of 1995, trying to build up an international data base of feminist writers. We have used it in Africa, Latin America, and India. By posting it online, we hope to reach a larger group than we could ever do in person. Fill it out and you will be on our list; we will send you email alerts and try to hook you up with other writers in your region, There is strength in numbers. We will also use this questionnaire to gather information on the conditions of women writers worldwide, in order to develop public policy ideas around our needs.
1. Name:

2. Address:

3. City/Town/Village:

4. State/Province:

5. Country:

6. Postal Code:

7. Phone:

8. Fax:

9. Email:

10. Age:

11. Religion/Race, Ethnic Identity:

11a. Gender Identity:
  Female   Male   Trans-Gender
12. Marital Status:

13. Languages in which you write:

14. Education & Field:

15. Profession (other than writing):

16. Genres:
Letters Novel Memoir/Autobiography
Diary Short Story Screen Writing (Film/TV)
Journalism Play Academic
Spiritual Technical Essay
Other (please specify)

17. Age you began writing:

18. Has your writing been published?
  Yes  No
19. How much of your yearly income comes from writing?
None A little on the side
Substantial Portion I'm able to live from my writing
20. Where has your work been published?
As a book Literary Magazine
In an edited anthology Academic Journal
Electronic Publishing Mass Media (Newspaper/magazine)
Other (please specify)

21. Age you were first published:

22. Have you faced any difficulties in getting published?
  Yes  No
23. If "yes," to what do you attribute the difficulties?
Language Style Form
Genre Subject Ideas
Gender Absence of publishers Geography
Lack of contacts    
Other (please specify)

24. Do you have, or have you ever had a literary agent?
  Yes  No
25. Have you had difficulties in getting your work reviewed?
  Yes  No
26. If "yes," to what do you attribute the difficulties?
Language Style Form
Genre Subject Ideas
Other (please specify)

27. Have you faced any pressures from:
Publishers Critics Readers
Family Community Colleagues
If "yes," please specify the nature of these pressures:

28. Do you have supportive relationships with fellow writers?
  Yes  No
29. Are you a member of a writing group or workshop, or have you ever been? Please describe:
30. Do you have a specific space for your writing activity (in your home or elsewhere)?
  Yes  No
31. Do you write every day?
  Yes  No
If "no," why not?

32. Have you ever been prevented from writing?
  Yes  No
  If "yes," please describe reasons and conditions:

33. How do you respond to being described as a "woman writer"?

34. How has your writing been received by the following:
 1 - Very positive/encouraging   2 - Negative/discouraging  3 - Indifferent
 Family  Peers  Community
 Publishers  Readers  Critics
35. If your works have been criticized, what reasons have been given for this criticism?

36. Has your choice of subject been restrained/limited because you are a woman?
  Yes  No
 If "yes," why?

37. What topics do you think women are forbidden to write about?

38. Have you had any experience of formal or informal censorship in your writing or other activities? Please describe:

39. Are you a member of any writers' organizations? Please specify:

40. Would you like to be a member of the Women's WORLD network? If so please state your interests: