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The need for time and space
Marathi Writers' Workshop

For me, creativity is like a raincoat. When I enter my house I hang the raincoat outside the front door. I long for the day when that raincoat becomes my skin, but it hasn't happened yet . . .
Mangala Godbole

The common grievance was of inadequate time and space for creative writing in their busy, tiring lives as working women, wives and mothers.

"For years I have dreamt that a Marathi woman writer will publish a lengthy, humorous novel, and that that writer will be me. But I find I often cannot even write a short story," said Mangala. "All I can write are short, humorous pieces. I am simply tortured that I cannot write that novel." She recounted a conversation she overheard between two male writers talking about their incomplete books. One of them said he was taking leave in order to finish his book; the other spoke of having rented a small flat away from home, with his wife sending him his meals so that he could complete his novel undisturbed. "Where does a woman writer find the luxury of such time and space?" demanded Mangala.

Gouri Salvi, Marathi