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India - April 2007
What do women writers talk about? If the South Asian Women Writers’ Colloquium held in New Delhi recently is anything to go by, the answer is: everything. ... more

Iran - March 2007
The last remaining women's rights defenders, charged with calling a protest on March 4, were finally released from prison on March 19.... more

Poland - September 2006
A petition to the Polish government to maintain the right to abortion, which is already highly restricted, and not ban it altogether as is currently proposed by two parties in the government coalition.... more

Russia - July 2006
Members of the Women's WORLD network from many parts of Russia met in June to discuss literary issues and future plans.... more

USA - July 2006
US women's groups are submitting a critical report to the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva, which is examining US compliance with international covenants.... more

International - July 2006
An international group of Israeli, Palestinian and global women activists have called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.... more

International - June 2006
In June, 2006, the five women winners of the Nobel Peace Prize came together in the hope of averting a war between Iran and the US, and announced a new organizational initiative for peace and social justice. ... more