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Since September 2000 and the beginning of the Second Intifada, we have watched appalled as the violence has spiralled out of control, with most of the victims on both sides civilians, many children. We agree with the Israelis and Palestinians who say that ending the occupation is a precondition for any realistic peace process. The settlers' dream of a "greater Israel," in which Palestinians are either removed or are kept in a state of permanent subjugation, must end. But we do not think terror is the way to solve any political problem, whether it is Israeli state terror visited on Palestinian civilians, vigilante terror by Jewish settlers, or the terrorist attacks by Palestinian suicide bombers. Violence on all sides must end before peace can become a believable future.

Both Palestinians and the Israeli peace movement have been calling for an international peacekeeping force for months, but this idea has been blocked by the United States, where media bias has shielded the public from any point of view except that of the Israeli government. Only the voices of war and despair are heard. While the US media features every detail of Palestinian suicide bombings, an information blockade has prevented Americans from learning the horrible facts of Israeli government actions in the refugee camps, on the West Bank, and in Gaza.

Our main sources of information about what is really happening are the Israeli peace movement, Palestinian writers, and international observers. Popular peace-making efforts on both sides have been going on for many years, and some have continued throughout the Second Intifada. We have created this page as a small contribution to breaking the information blockade, because, as Denise Levertov said in this poem, only if we imagine peace, talk peace, and enact peace in whatever small ways we can, will it become real.

A voice from the dark called out,
         "The poets must give us
imagination of peace, to oust the intense, familiar
imagination of disaster. Peace, not only
the absence of war."
         But peace, like a poem,
is not there ahead of itself,
can't be imagined before it is made,
can't be known except in the words of its making
grammar of justice,
syntax of mutual aid.
           A feeling towards it,
dimly sensing a rhythm, is all we have
until we begin to utter its metaphors,
learning them as we speak.

Denise Levertov, "Making Peace," from Breathing the Water (1987)

Some of the thoughts and testimonies on this page come from Palestinians. Some come from the Israeli peace movement. Some come from international observers. While we will concentrate on bringing feminist voices of peace from the region to a wider audience, we reserve the right to post any writing that imagines a way to peace "in the words of its making," that we may all understand the process as it develops. For we believe that a just peace can develop, will develop, despite all terror and hopelessness, though we cannot say when.

Questions from Gaza
voice:  "Lama Hourani, Palestine"
published:  December 4, 2006

Elif Shafek cleared of "insulting Turkishness"
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  September 23, 2006

UNIFEM Initiative for Middle East Peace
voice:  "UNIFEM, International"
published:  September 20, 2006

“As soon as I get a permit I will come back to you”
voice:  "Lama Hourani, Palestine"
published:  September 10, 2006

Their View of the World is Through a Bombsight
voice:  "Noam Chomsky, USA"
published:  September 1, 2006

America's Rottweiler
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  August 26, 2006

How Washington Goaded Israel
voice:  "Stephen Zunes, USA"
published:  August 26, 2006

Needed: A New Mind-Set
voice:  "Naomi Chazan, Israel "
published:  August 24, 2006

Two More Leaves from Lama’s Diary
voice:  "Lama Hourani, Palestine"
published:  August 16, 2006

Women Lead the Israeli Peace Movement—in Russian and Arabic
voice:  "Lily Galili, Israel"
published:  August 10, 2006

Junkies of War
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  August 5, 2006

From Lama in Gaza Again
voice:  "Lama Hourani, Palestine"
published:  August 1, 2006

A Collective Failure In the Middle East
voice:  "Shirin Ebadi, Iran, and Jody Williams, USA"
published:  July 31, 2006

The US, Israel, and Lebanon
voice:  "Marjorie Cohn, USA"
published:  July 26, 2006

Meanwhile...from Lama in Gaza
voice:  "Lama Hourani, Palestine"
published:  July 25, 2006

Quick Report from the Israeli Peace Front
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  July 23, 2006

Is Beirut Burning?
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  July 22, 2006

US Peace Coalition Calls for End to Attacks on Civilians in Lebanon, Gaza, and Israel
voice:  "United for Peace and Justice, USA"
published:  July 18, 2006

Lama's Diary
voice:  "Lama Hourani, Palestine"
published:  July 15, 2006

Israel on the Offensive
voice:  "Marwan Bishara, Palestine/Paris"
published:  July 12, 2006

The Palestinian Catastrophe, Then and Now
voice:  "Sandy Tolan, Palestine"
published:  July 10, 2006

Statements by the United Nations Agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory
voice:  "Christopher Gunness, Gaza"
published:  July 8, 2006

Agatha in the Rain
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  July 1, 2006

The Fight To Not Fight
voice:  "Rachel Shabi, UK"
published:  April 17, 2006

Too Hot for New York
voice:  "Philip Weiss, USA"
published:  March 16, 2006

Hamas and Us
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel "
published:  February 1, 2006

Women Resist War and Occupation
voice:  "Women in Black, international "
published:  August 17, 2005

Palestinian and Israeli Women Create Global Panel to Work for Just Middle East Peace
voice:  "UN News Service, USA"
published:  July 28, 2005

These are some of the things I wish everyone knew
voice:  "Kate Raphael, USA "
published:  June 26, 2005

The Day After
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  June 25, 2005

A Tale of Two Demonstrations
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  April 30, 2005

Speech on International Women`s Day, in a debate about violence against women
voice:  "Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Israel"
published:  March 3, 2005

There Is a Partner
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  January 2, 2005

License to Kill
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  November 24, 2004

A summer with potential for non-violence
voice:  "Gary Fields, USA"
published:  July 25, 2004

Thank You, Your Honors
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel "
published:  July 10, 2004

Help Protest the Wall
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  June 17, 2004

Working to Break the Silence
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  June 6, 2004

Anarchy in our souls
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  April 25, 2004

Report: International Human Rights March
voice:  "Coalition of Women for Peace, Israel"
published:  January 18, 2004

Doing things the hard way—the verdict of The Five
voice:  "Gush Shalom, Israel"
published:  December 16, 2003

voice:  "Grace Paley, USA"
published:  December 4, 2003

Israel's F-16 and Black Hawk refuseniks say why they could not obey illegalorders and kill innocent Palestinians
voice:  "Chris McGreal, UK "
published:  December 3, 2003

Who Caused the Palestinian Diaspora: Origins of the Middle East Crisis
voice:  "George Bisharat, USA/Palestine"
published:  December 2, 2003

From Geneva with Hope
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  December 1, 2003

The waiting game
voice:  "Ahdaf Soueif, Egypt"
published:  November 23, 2003

voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  November 22, 2003

"This is Sharonistan": A Report on Two Anti-Wall Events
voice:  "Gush Shalom, Israel "
published:  November 9, 2003

From the Mideast Moderates, A Bold Plan for Peace
voice:  "Amram Mitzna, Israel"
published:  November 1, 2003

Israel: The Alternative
voice:  "Tony Judt, USA"
published:  October 23, 2003

Air Force Pilots’ Letter
voice:  "Brigadier General Yiftah Spector, et al, Israel "
published:  September 24, 2003

Hillel Café
voice:  "Yitzhak Frankenthal, Israel"
published:  September 11, 2003

Off with their heads!
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  September 6, 2003

A Failed Israeli Society Collapses While Its Leaders Remain Silent
voice:  "Avraham Burg, Israel"
published:  August 29, 2003

A Midsummer Night's Update
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  July 26, 2003

Women in Struggle: Between the National and the Feminist
voice:  "BAT SHALOM, Israel"
published:  July 6, 2003

Report on the Founding Conference of the Israeli-Palestinian Action Group for Peace
voice:  "Gush Shalom, Israel"
published:  June 28, 2003

A good week for the extremists
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  June 13, 2003

My Safe Child
voice:  "Daphna Baram, Israel"
published:  June 11, 2003

In Loneliness and Tears
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  May 30, 2003

My Draft Resistance
voice:  "Noa Kaufman, Israel"
published:  April 28, 2003

A Busy Couple of Days
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  April 3, 2003

Let's Start with Risk
voice:  "Susan Sontag, USA"
published:  March 30, 2003

Support Israeli Conscientious Objectors on Trial
voice:  "Rela Mazali, Israel"
published:  March 19, 2003

Poem to Rachel Corrie
voice:  "Hilda Silverman, USA "
published:  March 18, 2003

In Memorium, Rachel Corrie
voice:  "Voices for peace, USA and Israel"
published:  March 16, 2003

A Letter to Jules and Helen
voice:  "Reema Abu Hamdieh, Palestine"
published:  March 12, 2003

The great wall of denial
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  February 28, 2003

This morning’s news
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  January 31, 2003

You can drive along and never see an Arab
voice:  "Amira Hass, Israel "
published:  January 22, 2003

Partners for War
voice:  "Henry Siegman, USA "
published:  January 16, 2003

Letter from a Woman Draft Resister
voice:  "Shani Werner, Israel"
published:  December 31, 2002

Things are so terrible here
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  December 27, 2002

Israel's Choice
voice:  "Neve Gordon, Israel"
published:  December 9, 2002

Another index. No deaths
voice:  "Jewish Peace News, USA"
published:  December 4, 2002

A Letter of Response to the General
voice:  "Yigal Bronner, Israel"
published:  November 30, 2002

The Sharon Plan Is in Place
voice:  "Marcia Freedman, Israel"
published:  November 29, 2002

We have betrayed our children
voice:  "Nurit Peled-Elnahan, Israel "
published:  November 28, 2002

The death of the two-state solution
voice:  "Terje Roed-Larsen, USA "
published:  October 17, 2002

In favor of Gandhi's legacy
voice:  "Akiva Eldar, Israel"
published:  October 14, 2002

Locked in War's Embrace
voice:  "Amy Wilentz, USA"
published:  October 13, 2002

Urban Legends
voice:  "Rachael Kamel, USA"
published:  October 11, 2002

Important work for peace
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  October 4, 2002

Let Hamas and Jihad Leaders Send Their Own Sons
voice:  "Abu Saber M. G., Palestine "
published:  October 1, 2002

Manufacturing Anti-Semites
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  September 28, 2002

Those who give us hope
voice:  "Mustafa Barghouti, Palestine"
published:  September 27, 2002

The homeland purified of Arabs
voice:  "Meron Benvenisti, Israel"
published:  September 26, 2002

Sharon's Real Purpose Is to Create Foreigners
voice:  "Henry Siegman, USA"
published:  September 25, 2002

Prosecute Sharon for war crimes, Israeli women say
voice:  "Robert Fisk, United Kingdom"
published:  September 24, 2002

Force the Palestinians to Surrender and End the War
voice:  "Gershon Baskin, Israel"
published:  September 22, 2002

voice:  "European Jews for a Just Peace, BE, DK, et al "
published:  September 19, 2002

Dear friends of refusers
voice:  "Steven Feuerstein, USA"
published:  September 17, 2002

Silence That Kills
voice:  "Hirsh Goodman, Israel"
published:  September 9, 2002

Update on the Jerusalem vigil of Women in Black
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  September 8, 2002

Dissent is not disloyalty
voice:  "Roman Bronfman, Israel"
published:  September 5, 2002

The Nusseibeh-Ayalon Agreement: Final Draft
voice:  "Ami Ayalon, Israel, and Sari Nusseibeh, Palestine"
published:  September 3, 2002

Legitimacy Demands Leadership
voice:  "Nabil Amro, Palestine"
published:  September 2, 2002

Nothing Happened
voice:  "Gideon Levy, Israel"
published:  August 16, 2002

Making life difficult for the Palestinian peace camp
voice:  "Amira Hass, Israel"
published:  August 14, 2002

A Phone Call from Hell
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  August 11, 2002

Whose Goals Does Violence Serve?
voice:  "Mitchell Plitnick, USA"
published:  August 10, 2002

A statement by Gush Shalom
voice:  "Gush Shalom, Israel "
published:  August 9, 2002

Punishment by detail
voice:  "Edward Said, USA "
published:  August 8, 2002

On the one hand . . .
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  August 6, 2002

Compassionate Listening Journal
voice:  "Dr. Eyad Sarraj, Palestine"
published:  August 3, 2002

Talking Points to Obfuscation
voice:  "Leonard Fein, USA"
published:  August 2, 2002

"What Do You Want the Palestinians to Do?"
voice:  "Azmi Bishara, Israel "
published:  July 24, 2002

The Third Option
voice:  "Mitchell Plitnick, USA"
published:  July 19, 2002

Fascisme doux
voice:  "Anna Somers Cocks, United Kingdom"
published:  July 16, 2002

Against Israeli Apartheid
voice:  "Desmond Tutu & Ian Urbina, South Africa & USA"
published:  July 15, 2002

The IDF Shuts Away the Sea at Rafah
voice:  "Amira Hass, Israel"
published:  July 14, 2002

A strange kind of freedom
voice:  "Robert Fisk, United Kingdom "
published:  July 9, 2002

A New Beginning
voice:  "Gush Shalom, Israel "
published:  July 5, 2002

Spreading the Secret
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  July 4, 2002

The Penal Colonies
voice:  "Tanya Reinhart, Israel"
published:  July 3, 2002

Letter to President Bush from 40 Evangelical Christian Leaders concerned with Peace and Justice in the Holy Land
voice:  "Raymond J. Bakke, Craig Barnes, et al, USA "
published:  July 2, 2002

Jewish-Palestinian Declaration for a Just and Lasting Peace
voice:  "The Jewish Peace Forum and The Palestinian American Women’s Society, USA "
published:  June 26, 2002

A Speech to End All Peace: Round Up of Comments on the Bush Middle East Plan
voice:  "Israel, USA"
published:  June 25, 2002

"The best lack all conviction . . ."
voice:  "Laurie King-Irani, Canada"
published:  June 23, 2002

Urgent Appeal to Stop Suicide Bombings
voice:  "Faculty for Israeli Palestinian Peace, Palestine"
published:  June 19, 2002

Letter from Israel
voice:  "Darlene Wallach, USA"
published:  June 14, 2002

Palestinian elections now
voice:  "Edward Said, USA (Palestine) "
published:  June 13, 2002

On Dance, Identity and War
voice:  "Omar Barghouti, Palestine"
published:  June 13, 2002

Long-term sieges
voice:  "Amira Hass, Israel"
published:  June 12, 2002

Resolution 242 reinterpreted
voice:  "Henry Siegman, USA"
published:  June 12, 2002

Letter to
voice:  "Mona Sakr, Great Britain (Palestine) "
published:  June 10, 2002

The occupation is hurting us all
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  June 9, 2002

Two Souls
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  June 8, 2002

Reforming from Within
voice:  "Hanan Ashrawi, Palestine"
published:  June 7, 2002

A Public Letter to the Palestinian People
voice:  "The Women of Bat Shalom, Israel"
published:  June 5, 2002

About Bat Shalom’s Letter to the Palestinians
voice:  "Amneh Badran, for The Jerusalem Center for Women, Palestine"
published:  June 4, 2002

The Boy Who Kissed the Soldier: Balata Camp
voice:  "Starhawk, USA"
published:  June 1, 2002

The many prices of occupation
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  May 28, 2002

Operations Order
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  May 25, 2002

Assessment of the situation
voice:  "Adam Keller, Israel"
published:  May 24, 2002

Are we in a war? Do we have an enemy?
voice:  "Slavoj Zizek, Slovenia"
published:  May 23, 2002

Yes, It's Broken. Now Fix It
voice:  "Henry Siegman, USA"
published:  May 19, 2002

Why Israel's "seruvniks" say enough is enough
voice:  "Michael Sfard, Israel"
published:  May 19, 2002

Against Ethnic Panic: Hitler Is Dead
voice:  "Leon Wieseltier, USA "
published:  May 16, 2002

Please, Go Ahead and Prosecute Us
voice:  "Ilana Hamerman, Israel"
published:  May 13, 2002

Walking the Knife's Edge
voice:  "Gush Shalom, Israel"
published:  May 11, 2002

Israel's Occupation Turns 35: Avi Shlaim on History and the Current Impasse
voice:  "Avi Shlaim, Israel"
published:  May 10, 2002

The False Idol of Land Worship
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  May 10, 2002

The Road to Nowhere
voice:  "Tony Judt, USA"
published:  May 9, 2002

Statement to the Security Council, United Nations
voice:  "Maha Abu-Dayyeh Shamas, Palestine"
published:  May 7, 2002

Famished for Peace: Remarks to the UN Security Council
voice:  "Terry Greenblatt, Israel"
published:  May 7, 2002

Profiles of Courage: US Lawmakers Speak Out on Moral Justice in Middle East
voice:  "Barbara Ferguson, USA"
published:  May 4, 2002

On the Causes of Child Suicide Attacks and How to Stop Them
voice:  "Ashraf Al-'Ajrami, Palestine"
published:  May 3, 2002

Peace Is Possible in the Middle East
voice:  "Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., USA"
published:  May 2, 2002

Anti-Semitism, Real and Imagined
voice:  "Tim Wise, USA"
published:  April 29, 2002

Apartheid in the Holy Land
voice:  "Desmond Tutu, South Africa"
published:  April 29, 2002

Ending the Death Dance
voice:  "Richard Falk, USA"
published:  April 29, 2002

Sharon . . . and the quarter glass full
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  April 28, 2002

Sharon's best weapon
voice:  "Naomi Klein, Canada"
published:  April 24, 2002

The White Flag Is Torn
voice:  "Sumaya Farhat-Naser, Palestine"
published:  April 17, 2002

Sonnet: Against Making Blood Speak Out
voice:  "Meir Wieseltier, Israel "
published:  April 15, 2002

The face of cruelty and its cover-up
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  April 14, 2002

Letter from Ramallah
voice:  "Jeff Guntzel, USA"
published:  April 10, 2002

Now is a time to act
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  April 9, 2002

To My People in Palestine
voice:  "Marcel Khalife, Lebanon"
published:  April 9, 2002

Stockholm Jewish Manifesto: Sharon Is Israel's Worst Enemy
voice:  "Henry Ascher, Channa Bankier, et al, International"
published:  April 9, 2002

Letter to Ruchama
voice:  "Rita Giacaman, Palestine"
published:  April 8, 2002

Speak Out
voice:  "Ellen Cantarow, USA"
published:  April 6, 2002

Statement on the Situation in Palestine/Israel
voice:  "Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML), international "
published:  April 5, 2002

Feminist Protest against the Occupation
voice:  "Palestinian Women Against the Occupation, Palestine "
published:  April 4, 2002

Every man has a red line
voice:  "Lily Galili, Israel"
published:  April 1, 2002

Report from Ramallah
voice:  "Maha Sbitani, USA"
published:  April 1, 2002

Letter to Hala
voice:  "Anisa Darwish, Palestine"
published:  March 28, 2002

On the Incurable Malady of Hope
voice:  "Mahmoud Darwish, Palestine"
published:  March 25, 2002

Coffins at the UN
voice:  "Letty Cottin Pogrebin, USA "
published:  March 22, 2002

A Thousand Coffins at the United Nations
voice:  "David McReynolds, USA "
published:  March 19, 2002

Reforming the Future
voice:  "Louis Frankenthaler, Israel"
published:  March 18, 2002

Intellectuals Sign Letter Addressing Israeli Intellectuals, Public
voice:  "Mahmoud Darwish, Edward Said, et al, Palestine "
published:  March 16, 2002

Voice for the Other Side
voice:  "Marjorie Miller, USA"
published:  March 15, 2002

Sir, It's the Wrong War!
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  March 10, 2002

With love, from Clara
voice:  "Clara T., USA "
published:  March 9, 2002

Declaration for International Women's Day 2002
voice:  "Bat Shalom, Israel"
published:  March 8, 2002

An Open Letter to the Israeli Public
voice:  "The Jerusalem Center for Women (JCW), Palestine"
published:  March 8, 2002

On the Occasion of International Women's Day
voice:  "Al-Zahraa, PNGO, et al, Palestine"
published:  March 7, 2002

About moral backbone
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  March 3, 2002

The Other Israel
voice:  "Adam Keller and Beate Zilversmidt, Israel"
published:  March 2, 2002

Friday—High Noon
voice:  "Lydia Aisenberg, Israel"
published:  February 26, 2002

Sharon's Solution
voice:  "Anonymous, Palestine"
published:  February 21, 2002

Something Is Moving
voice:  "Uri Avnery, Israel"
published:  February 16, 2002

Imagine All the People
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel "
published:  February 10, 2002

I Accuse
voice:  "Baruch Kimmerling, Israel"
published:  February 1, 2002

We just want to live normally
voice:  "Libby Brooks, Great Britain"
published:  January 29, 2002

Toward a New Palestinian Strategy
voice:  "James J. Zogby, USA (Palestine)"
published:  January 28, 2002

Tell the Truth, Shimon
voice:  "Gideon Levy, Israel"
published:  January 25, 2002

Unprecedented call to refuse military orders
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  January 25, 2002

Ramallah invasion—a personal account
voice:  "Neta Golan, Israel"
published:  January 19, 2002

You Can Continue with the Liquidations
voice:  "Shulamit Aloni, Israel"
published:  January 18, 2002

A two-demonstration day
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  January 18, 2002

Another house demolition
voice:  "Neta Golan, Israel"
published:  January 17, 2002

Palestinian Women and Nonviolence
voice:  "Lucy Nusseibeh, Palestine"
published:  January 14, 2002

Letter to Jody
voice:  "Marcia Freedman, Israel"
published:  January 1, 2002

The Dominion of Death
voice:  "Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Israel"
published:  December 1, 2001

Let the Palestinian Story Have Its Day in the Sun
voice:  "Susan J Abulhawa, Palestine/USA"
published:  November 15, 2001

Statement on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
voice:  "Ronnie Kasrils and Max Ozinsky, South Africa"
published:  October 23, 2001

Letter to Ms.Mary Robinson
voice:  "The Women of WATC [Women's Affairs Technical Committee], Palestine"
published:  October 6, 2001

Palestine/Israel: Do you know your ABCs?
voice:  "Tzaporah Ryter, USA "
published:  June 27, 2001

Today's action at al-Khader
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel "
published:  June 15, 2001

More on the Jerusalem vigil
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  June 12, 2001

The vigil in Jerusalem
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  June 9, 2001

Letter to Ahmad, 5
voice:  "Anisa Darwish, Palestine"
published:  May 1, 2001

Celebrating Israel’s Independence Day
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  April 26, 2001

The death of Hilmi revisited
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  February 13, 2001

Letter to Ahmad, 4
voice:  "Anisa Darwish, Palestine"
published:  January 1, 2001

Letter to Ahmad, 3
voice:  "Anisa Darwish, Palestine"
published:  December 28, 2000

Letter to Ahmad, 2
voice:  "Anisa Darwish, Palestine"
published:  December 4, 2000

Palestinian children doing battle
voice:  "Gila Svirsky, Israel "
published:  November 4, 2000