With the attack on the World Trade Center of September 11, 2001, the world entered a new stage of intensified global conflict. While the long-term ramifications of Al Qaeda's war on the US, and the US "war on terror" are still unknown, some things are already clear.

The US declaration of a "war on terror" has given a green light to every authoritarian leader from Central Asia to Latin America to crack down on dissidents who can be redefined as "terrorists." Undemocratic states from Saudi Arabia to Uzbekistan to Turkey will be under less human rights pressure because the US needs them as allies in the war on terror. Hate campaigns against Moslem civilian populations in India, Israel, the Balkans, and Central Asia will be justified in the name of stamping out terror.

Within the US, a state-of-emergency mentality has led to the significant suspensions of civil liberties, particularly for immigrants, and presents a serious danger to the constitution. Six months after the tragedy, over a thousand people are still being held without trial, access to their families, or even lawyers, while the Attorney General says those who question such procedures are aiding terrorists.

International observers have noted that, even if those who attacked the World Trade Center were not themselves poor, their message of hatred for the US found a receptive audience among the poor, particularly in Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. Many have called upon the US, and the developed world in general, to take this tragedy to heart by re-examining the neo-liberal economic policies that, by leaving the poor without hope, open them to extremist solutions. This re-examination still needs to happen.

A global economic and political crisis was already in full swing in Africa and Latin America before September 11. The danger now is that the developed world will feel free to ignore any regions that are not immediately menaced by a global terrorist network, while viewing threatened regions only as staging areas for a great dualistic battle, which many on both sides see as a war between good and evil.

In this complex situation, it is very important to have access to a wide range of reliable information and analyses. We have set up this page as a fairly selective access point for such material. We hope that readers and writers in our network will send us stories of their experiences and analyses of how the world crisis looks from where they sit. By this we mean not only the crisis that began September 11th, but the long range pervasive, economic, and political crisis afflicting so many places in the world today.

We are committed to sharing the stories of women writers everywhere. We are actively seeking stories around the events of September 11th , "the war on terrorism," immigrants and civil rights, as well as the long-range, pervasive economic and political crisis afflicting so many places in the world today.

How have these events affected you, your life or your livelihood? Send your story. You can submit your story as a Word document and attach it as an email, or you can send it as text in the body of an email. Alternatively, you can submit your story by fax:


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We will not post every story that we receive and we retain the right to edit material.

Thank you.

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Iraqi Women's Statement for International Women's Day
author:  Yanar Mohammed, Iraq
published:  March 1, 2007
quote: " After 4 Years of Occupation and Oppression Our Struggles Continue "
Occupation: The Missing Word
author:  Rachelle Marshall, US
published:  September 16, 2006
quote: " THE DATELINES may read Gaza, or Kandahar, or Samarra, but the events reported are the same: bombings, firefights, missile strikes, and civilian deaths. The violence in all three places comes in the aftermath of foreign invasion and occupation. Yet the wor"
Beyond Victimhood: Women’s Peacebuilding in Conflict Situations
author:  Donald Steinberg, USA
published:  September 11, 2006
quote: " UN Resolution 1325, intended to integrate women into peacemaking efforts in conflict situations, is still not being implemented adequately, although examples from Congo, Sudan, and Uganda show what a difference paying attention to gender issues could make"
Kashmir, Women Police Streets Taliban-Style
author:  Haroon Mirani, India
published:  September 10, 2006
quote: " The Daughters of Islamic Community, or Dukhtaran-e-Millat, are trying to enforce a Taliban version of Islamic rules upon the women of Kashmir, using protests, canes, and black paint."
Taliban Taking Over Again
author:  Sanjay Suri, London
published:  September 5, 2006
quote: " The Taliban have regained control over the southern half of Afghanistan and their frontline is advancing daily, a group closely monitoring the Afghan situation said in a report Tuesday. "
The "new Orientalism"
author:  Alastair Crooke, England
published:  August 31, 2006
quote: " The new "Orientalism" offers us new political tools. Since the "new barbarians" live outside of civilization, civilized rules no longer apply to them."
The Trouble with Bush's 'Islamofascism'
author:  Katha Pollitt, USA
published:  August 26, 2006
quote: " There are lots of problems with the neo-cons’ new favorite term, “Islamo-fascism.” It is misleading about history and conflates a wide variety of disparate states, movements and organizations as if, like the fascists, they all want similar things and are"
You Call This Welfare Reform?
author:  Randy Albelda and Heather Boushey, USA8/24/06
published:  August 24, 2006
quote: " On the 10th anniversary of the US welfare reform bill, passed under President Clinton, there is no great cause for celebration. While the bill sent many welfare mothers to work, most of them remain in poverty and the support services—child care, health"
Big Ag, Oil and Tobacco Will Kill You For a Profit
author:  Jane Smiley, USA
published:  August 20, 2006
quote: " In the last twenty years, the big ag companies, like Monsanto, have perpetrated vicious idiocies in a more and more aggressive manner, challenging the rights, and the abilities, of people in all parts of the world to have any say in the nature and composi"
Writers on Trial in Turkey
author:  Maureen Freely, UK
published:  August 13, 2006
quote: " Elif Shafek, a Turkish feminist novelist, is the latest writer to be put on trial in Turkey for mentioning the Armenian genocide of 1915. These trials are an attempt by right wing Turkish nationalists to delay their country’s entry into the European Unio"
Iraq Conscientious Objector Re-Engineers Her Life
author:  Chris Lombardi, USA
published:  August 7, 2006
quote: " Katharine Jashinski, a private in the National Guard, went through many changes on the way to becoming a conscientious objector and ending up in the brig. "
The Threat to the Planet
author:  Jim Hansen, USA
published:  July 13, 2006
quote: "

If human beings follow a business-as-usual course, continuing to exploit fossil fuel resources without reducing carbon emissions or capturing and sequestering them before they warm the atmosphere, the eventual effects on climate and life may be compara"

The Hidden War on Women in Iraq
author:  Ruth Rosen, USA
published:  July 13, 2006
quote: " Since the American invasion of Iraq, the reported incidence of sexual terrorism has accelerated markedly. -- and this despite the fact that few Iraqi women are willing to report rapes, fearing to bring dishonor upon their families."
Polish Woman Denied Abortion Sues in EU Court
author:  Meghan Sapp, International
published:  July 10, 2006
quote: " A Polish woman applied for an abortion a few years ago, but her medical grounds were refused. She wound up carrying the pregnancy to term and lost her sight. Now her case awaits judgment by the European Court of Human Rights."
Women Need Voice on Climate Change
author:  Bojana Stoparic, International
published:  July 6, 2006
quote: " Women are not only expected to bear the brunt of global warming they are also often in the best position to redress environmental degradationy. For these reasons women are pushing for more seats at tables where climate change is discussed. "
The Tripolar Chessboard
author:  Michael Klare, USA
published:  June 15, 2006
quote: " The conflict over Iran's nuclear ambitions must be understood in the context of the rivalry between China, Russia, and the US for oil."
Russian Committee of Soldiers' Mothers Target of New Law
author:  Alexandra Poolos, USA
published:  June 5, 2006
quote: " Russia's new power to intrude on nongovernmental organizations is spreading a chill over rights groups such as the Soldiers' Mothers Committee, which helps women keep sons out of the military."
No one knows what we are going through
author:  Natasha Walter, UK
published:  May 8, 2006
quote: " 'I never feel that today is better than yesterday,' she says. 'It always seems that yesterday was better than today.' "
The Wide War: the Pentagon and Latin America
author:  Greg Grandin, USA
published:  May 7, 2006
quote: " As Latin American leaders have moved into open rebellion against Washington, the Pentagon has come to see the region as a new Wild West, where anything goes. "
Iraqi Women Report on Conditions
author:  Codepink, USA
published:  April 20, 2006
quote: " Since the US occupation, with the exception of women in Iraqi Kurdistan, women's daily lives have been reduced to a mere struggle for survival."
Notes for Converts
author:  Jane Smiley, USA
published:  March 21, 2006
quote: " Some thoughts those for Americans who voted for Bush but have become disaffected: Not only have your ideas not worked to make the world a better place, they were inhumane and cruel to begin with."
A Double Ignorance of Islam and of Freedom
author:  Soheib Benche, France
published:  February 7, 2006
quote: " Following the publication of cartoons portraying the person of the Prophet, drawn for reasons of their own that may be malignant, the reaction of some Muslims is beyond surrealism."
What Really Happened
author:  Cindy Sheehan, USA
published:  February 1, 2006
quote: " As most of you have probably heard, I was arrested before the State of the Union address last night."
A Human Package
author:  Jasmina Tesanovic, Serbia
published:  December 23, 2005
quote: " I hail a cab. "
Here I am, George . . . Come and Get Me
author:  Kim Redigan, USA
published:  December 20, 2005
quote: " Far be it from me to ask the government to take money it needs to wage war and enrich the arms industry to track down yet one more peace activist. "
French Suburbia 2005: The Return of the Political Unrecognised
author:  Rada Ivekovic
published:  December 3, 2005
quote: " It concerns Europe. It is only a warning. "
Women's Appeal—No To Violence
author:  AFRICA 93, UFAL Saint-Denis, UFAL Ile de France et al, France
published:  November 15, 2005
quote: " We are women, mothers, young women, sisters . . . we are nieces, aunts, cousins, friends, lovers or neighbours. We make up half the population."
Three from Out of the Blue: Surprises of 2005 (So Far)
author:  Rebecca Solnit, USA
published:  October 12, 2005
quote: " 'The smart thing is to prepare for the unexpected' said my most recent fortune-cookie advisory. "
Activists Savor Anti-Sharia Victory in Ontario
author:  Ann Pappert, USA
published:  October 11, 2005
quote: " At first Homa Arjomand thought that the telephone call that interrupted her Sunday dinner in mid September was just a prank."
Katrina's Truths
author:  James Carroll, USA
published:  September 5, 2005
quote: " Change for the worse, alas, has been the rule of the season past, which is why the time is ripe for something new."
Theocracy Lite
author:  Katha Pollitt, USA
published:  September 1, 2005
quote: " So now we know what 'noble cause' Cindy Sheehan's son died for in Iraq: Sharia. "
Global Challenges for Women
author:  Yolanda Aguilar, Guatemala
published:  August 16, 2005
quote: " We women have found through the centuries that our bodies have been occupied since the history of patriarchy began to be written. "
The enemy of my enemy is not my friend!
author:  Nadje Al-Ali, UK/Iraq
published:  July 22, 2005
quote: " For those of us living in London, the recent bombings in the British capital brought home the daily violence, the horror and fear of millions of people living in many places around the world. "
Worldwide Appeal
author:  Iraqi Women's Movement, Iraq
published:  July 16, 2005
quote: " The Iraqi women's movement expresses its deepest concern . . . about the drafts lately released by the Constitutional Committee . . . , in which the Shari'a law was clearly stated as the main source for legislation in the new Iraq Constitution."
Statement on attacks on London
author:  Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML), international
published:  July 14, 2005
quote: " The network Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) extends its deepest condolences to the families of those killed and to those who suffered terrible injuries in the appalling bomb attacks in London on 7 July 2005. "
India and Pakistan's Code of Dishonor
author:  Salman Rushdie, United Kingdom/India
published:  July 10, 2005
quote: " In honor-and-shame cultures like those of India and Pakistan, male honor resides in the sexual probity of women, and the "shaming" of women dishonors all men. "
A Place Where Women Rule
author:  Emily Wax, USA
published:  July 9, 2005
quote: " Seated cross-legged on tan sisal mats in the shade, Rebecca Lolosoli, matriarch of a village for women only, took the hand of a frightened 13-year-old girl. "
Letter from London
author:  Anonymous, United Kingdom
published:  July 8, 2005
quote: " As far as is known, friends and family are all well. "
Ten Years After: Srebrenica 2005
author:  Jasmina Tesanovic, Serbia
published:  July 7, 2005
quote: " In June 1995, I was finishing off my book on refugees from the former Yugoslavia . . . , interviewing women and men of different nationalities, wherever they came from and wherever they had been displaced."
Letter to America
author:  Eve Ensler, USA
published:  July 1, 2005
quote: " I am longing to reach you—crossing this river of indifference and consumption and denial. "
Are we back in the middle ages, or is this the start of something new?
author:  Sam Taylor, South Africa
published:  June 25, 2005
quote: " Why would all my female colleagues and I react so vehemently to a product that is essentially designed to try and stem the tide of sexual assault against women in SA? "
The U.S. Occupation and Rising Religious Extremism: The Double Threat to Women in Iraq
author:  Anissa Hélie, Iraq
published:  June 24, 2005
quote: " The ongoing trend of violence against women in Iraq should be seen in the broader context of human rights violations perpetrated by U.S. forces against detainees and civilians, including children. "
Declaration of Women AIDS Activism and Leadership Workshop and Founding Statement of the WoMandla AI
author:  WoMandla AI, South Africa
published:  June 23, 2005
quote: " We are 50 women AIDS activists living with and affected by HIV and AIDS in South Africa who met . . . in Durban 5-6 June 2005. "
Reflections on My Life
author:  Mulima Kufekisa Akapelwa, Zambia
published:  June 4, 2005
quote: " When I reflect and look back on my life, I see sadly that many girls growing up today do not have the same quality of life. "
Africa at large: Media challenged to correct negative image of Africa
author:  Mugo Njeru, Kenya
published:  May 31, 2005
quote: " The 54th congress of the International Press Institute ended in Nairobi last Tuesday with a proposal for African media experts to meet within the next six months to discuss how best to promote positive coverage of their continent. "
Afghanistan: Widows denied right to re-marry
author:  Aviva, UK
published:  May 26, 2005
quote: " According to tradition, [Afghani widows] can only marry close relatives of the deceased husband. "
A sea change in Afghanistan's politics: For the first time, a woman is head of a province (of Bamiyan)
author:  Declan Walsh, UK
published:  May 24, 2005
quote: " High in the snow-capped Hindu Kush, visitors stream to see the new governor."
On Turkish TV, Women Face Life and Death
author:  Yigal Schliefer, Turkey
published:  May 23, 2005
quote: " For some of the female guests on "Woman's Voice" . . . it was a desperate move, a final attempt at getting out of a life of misery. "
Against Discouragement
author:  Howard Zinn, USA
published:  May 15, 2005
quote: " This is your day—the students graduating today. It's a happy day for you and your families. "
A New Counterterrorism Strategy: Feminism
author:  Barbara Ehrenreich, USA
published:  May 10, 2005
quote: " I've been reading Bin Ladin—Carmen, that is, not her brother-in-law Osama. "
The First One Hundred Days: The Future Papacy, the Future Church
author:  Catholics for a Free Choice, USA
published:  April 19, 2005
quote: " As we move into a new era for the church, we look to the election of a new pope as a starting point for the critical work that must be done to make this church a home for all Catholics. "
In Jeans or Veils, Iraqi Women Are Split on New Political Power
author:  Robert F. Werth, USA
published:  April 13, 2005
quote: " As Iraq's first elected parliament in decades prepares to begin its work, the women who make up nearly a third of its members agree on one thing: they want more power. "
Democracy May Set Back Arab Women
author:  Trudy Rubin, USA
published:  March 27, 2005
quote: " Many Arab women are asking this question: Will democratic elections mean that our freedom will be curtailed? "
Iraqi women find election a cruel joke
author:  Houzan Mahmoud, Iraq
published:  January 30, 2005
quote: " I am an Iraqi woman, and I am boycotting the elections. "
Without Veil
author:  Rory McCarthy, United Kingdom
published:  January 24, 2005
quote: " A year ago, in the weeks after the invasion, hundreds of women marched in the streets outside this hotel in central Baghdad. "
Appeal Against Fundamentalisms
author:  Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML), international
published:  January 21, 2005
quote: " The rise of fundamentalisms is part and parcel of the rise of extreme right movements and of the expansion of liberal pro-capitalist politics in the world today. "
Have Women Cracked Academia's Glass Ceiling?
author:  Janet Rhodes, USA
published:  January 1, 2005
quote: " 'I was thrilled when I went for my job interview at San Diego State University.' "
Discovering Women and Girls, World AIDS day 2004—A cynical view
author:  Everjoice J. Win, Swaziland
published:  December 10, 2004
quote: " I love international days of this and that. "
Despair Is a Lie We Tell Ourselves
author:  Tony Kushner, USA
published:  December 9, 2004
quote: " I do not believe the wicked always win. "
How to End the Iraq War
author:  Tom Hayden, USA
published:  November 23, 2004
quote: " It is in the nature of truly mass movements that people choose the paths that seem to promise effective results, even victories. "
Iranian Nobel Laureate Sues US Government
author:  United States
published:  November 9, 2004
quote: " Iranian human rights advocate and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi has filed a lawsuit against the US Treasury Department. "
U.S. Rejects U.N. Plan for Women
author:  The Associated Press, international
published:  October 14, 2004
quote: " The United States has refused to join 85 heads of state and government."
RNC Update 6: A Great Beginning!!
author:  Starhawk, USA
published:  August 27, 2004
quote: " Today the DNC to RNC march arrived in New York, after walking 258 miles from the Democratic National Convention in Boston."
States of Denial
author:  Abby Christopher, USA
published:  August 18, 2004
quote: " New state laws are giving hospitals, nurses, doctors and pharmacists the right to refuse to offer emergency contraception."
Afghan Women and Elections: Unseen, Unheard, Unknown
author:  Nasrine Gross, USA/Afghanistan
published:  August 11, 2004
quote: " Since the ratification of the new constitution, there is a noticeable decrease in women’s activities, visibility and voice. "
The Wild, Wild Wars in the West
author:  Rebecca Solnit, USA Rebecca Solnit, USA
published:  August 10, 2004
quote: " In July, the Feds handed down to Nevada its bitterest defeat and sweetest victory in ages."
Feminism Accused by the Vatican
author:  Robin Hindery, USA
published:  August 7, 2004
quote: " The Vatican . . . accused feminism of trying to blur the differences between men and women and of threatening to destroy the traditional family structure. "
United Colors of America
author:  Rebecca Solnit, USA
published:  July 27, 2004
quote: " Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge announced today that the nation was on lilac alert with a cream overwash ..."
Lee Tackles Abstinence-Only Approach to AIDS
author:  Rebecca Vesely , USA
published:  July 18, 2004
quote: " At the International AIDS Conference in Thailand, Rep. Barbara Lee, a Democrat from California, bolstered her reputation as one of the most vocal opponents of the Bush administration's international policies."
Betraying Iraqi Women
author:  Lucinda Marshall, USA
published:  July 16, 2004
quote: " Despite the Bush administration's assurances to the contrary, conditions for women have worsened substantially as a result of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and its continuing aftermath. "
Why the Press Failed
author:  Orville Schell, USA
published:  July 14, 2004
quote: " What happened to the press's vaunted role, so carefully spelled out by the Founding Fathers, as a skeptical 'watchdog' over government? "
Letter from Kabul
author:  Nasrine Gross, USA/Afghanistan
published:  July 5, 2004
quote: " The problem does not lie in the poor situation of women, not this time around. "
Acts of Hope: Challenging Empire on the World Stage
author:  Rebecca Solnit, USA
published:  June 27, 2004
quote: " We talk about "what we hope for" in terms of what we hope will come to pass but we could think of it another way, as why we hope. "
Enforcing the Protocol a Challenge
author:  Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson, West Africa
published:  June 14, 2004
quote: " The adoption of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People's Rights on the Rights of Women . . . was undeniably an important event in the history of African women's struggle for the recognition of their rights. "
U.S. drags feet on ratifying UN treaty on women's rights
author:  Dina Rabadi, USA
published:  June 13, 2004
quote: " Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the treatment of women in the Islamic world has received unprecedented attention."
Sexual Domination in Uniform: An American Value
author:  Linda Burnham, USA
published:  May 19, 2004
quote: " Militarized sexual domination is neither 'contrary to American values' nor simply the work of a few 'bad apples.' "
Marching for Their Lives
author:  Lisa Chamberlain, USA
published:  April 21, 2004
quote: " When an expected 1 million women descend on Washington this Sunday for the March for Women's Lives, it will be hard for the Bush administration not to hear their rallying cry in support of reproductive rights. "
Restless Limbs
author:  Shirin Ebadi, Iran
published:  December 10, 2003
quote: " This year, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to a woman from Iran, a Muslim country in the Middle East. "
Making a Nation More Equal
author:  Noeleen Heyzer, USA
published:  December 3, 2003
quote: " Women in Afghanistan have only a short time to influence the new draft constitution to be considered by the Constitutional Loya Jirga. . . . "
Iraq's Hidden Treasure
author:  Raja Habib Khuzai and Songul Chapouk, Iraq
published:  December 2, 2003
quote: " Iraq has many capable women ready to lead the country toward democracy. "
An Interview with Lesley Abdela
author:  Janice Duddy, International
published:  November 28, 2003
quote: " It is very hard for me to say what the average Iraqi feels. "
Engendering Peace Agreement Processes: Preparation for the Commission on the Status of Women 2004
author:  PeaceWomen, International
published:  November 21, 2003
quote: " The UN Division for the Advancement of Women, with the UN Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and the UN Department of Political Affairs, recently concluded an Expert Group Meeting on peace agreements as a means for promoting gender equality."
White House Anti-Abortion Stance Felt Across Asia
author:  Mary Luke, USA
published:  November 5, 2003
quote: " President Bush's scheduled signing today of the misnamed Partial-Birth Abortion ban—which has no exception—will almost certainly cause anguish for American women and families. . . ."
An Interview with Adeena Niazi
author:  Shareen Gokal, Canada
published:  October 31, 2003
quote: " Outside Kabul, [the status of women] is the same as before, if not worse. "
Keynote Address to National Labor Assembly for Peace
author:  Bill Fletcher, Jr, USA
published:  October 25, 2003
quote: " When does silence become complicity? When does ignorance become culpability? "
9/11 Memorial Poem
author:  Marge Piercy, USA
published:  September 7, 2003
quote: " No one came home "
Stop War Planning and Start Peace Talks
author:  Forum of the June, Green Korea United, et al, Korea
published:  August 1, 2003
quote: " As we mark the 50th anniversary of the armistice of the Korean War, we invite you to proclaim with us a Jubilee of Peace."
Iraq: Insecurity Driving Women Indoors
author:  Human Rights Watch, international
published:  July 16, 2003
quote: " ‘Women and girls today in Baghdad are scared, and many are not going to schools or jobs or looking for work.’"
author:  Helen Wangusa , Patrick Craven, Muthoni Wanyeki, Oduor Ong'wen, and Ezra Mbogori
published:  July 10, 2003
quote: " US-Africa relations cannot not be driven by the US War Against Terrorism or US interests in Africa as an emerging market or as supplier of 15% of US oil."
A Mean-Spirited America
author:  Jill Nelson, USA
published:  May 2, 2003
quote: " These days, a sense of apprehension and foreboding lurks in the back of my head and the pit of my stomach. "
A cautionary tale from Kosovar women, to women in post-war Iraq
author:  Kosova Womens Network, Kosova
published:  April 30, 2003
quote: " To us as women's rights activists, the big concern is what will happen to women in a post-war Iraq. "
No place for a woman
author:  Lesley Abdela, United Kingdom
published:  April 29, 2003
quote: " I was witnessing the latest rebirth of a nation in which women are being almost completely left out of the new power structures and discussions over the future of their society. "
U.N. Pact Sinks on Issue of Violence Against Women
author:  Emily Freeburg, USA
published:  April 24, 2003
quote: " Violence against women—and what steps nations should take to reduce it—became the issue that led to a first-ever diplomatic failure at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. "
Some Thoughts on the State of the Global Women’s Movement
author:  Carol Barton and Ammu Joseph, international
published:  April 23, 2003
quote: " A dramatic development shocked most delegates and observers on the last day of the 47th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York. "
For Iraq, women are the key
author:  Noeleen Heyser, Singapore
published:  April 19, 2003
quote: " Women have the collaborative outlook needed to deal with Iraqi society's complexities and the pragmatic organizing expertise needed to cut through the current chaos."
Knock. Knock: Who Isn't There?
author:  Caryl Rivers, USA
published:  April 9, 2003
quote: " The war has only accelerated a trend that has been brewing for some time: the Spiral of Silence. "
A Letter to America
author:  Margaret Atwood, Canada
published:  April 4, 2003
quote: " This is a difficult letter to write, because I'm no longer sure who you are. "
Statement to the Troops
author:  Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, USA
published:  April 2, 2003
quote: " We stand with the majority of humanity, including millions in our own country, in opposition to the United States' all out war on Iraq. "
Fragments from a Diary
author:  Wallace Shawn, USA
published:  March 31, 2003
quote: " We're going to Iraq. We don't want to go. We know we'll be driving straight into the flames, straight ahead into the flames of hell. "
Women's Organizations Worldwide Urge General Assembly to "Unite for Peace"
author:  MADRE, et al, international
published:  March 28, 2003
quote: " We, the undersigned organizations, call on the member states of the United Nations General Assembly to enact an emergency application of UN Resolution 377 ("Uniting for Peace") to stop the US-led bombing of Iraq . . . "
Where Did They Go Wrong?
author:  Uri Avnery, Israel
published:  March 25, 2003
quote: " An old truism says: 'No war-plan does survive the first clash with the enemy.' "
Neo-Macho Man: Pop Culture and Post-9/11 Politics
author:  Richard Goldstein, USA
published:  March 24, 2003
quote: " To understand how this war is being packaged and sold, you have to look at the fantasies Americans consume."
Bitter Rice
author:  Uri Avnery, Israel
published:  March 22, 2003
quote: " The troubles of the occupation will start after the fighting is over."
Saturday Is the Time to Speak Truth to Power
author:  Erika Munk, USA
published:  March 20, 2003
quote: " 'Why do you want to march again Saturday?'"
A global, visible, public dialogue about the very legitimacy of war
author:  unknown, USA
published:  March 14, 2003
quote: " This is what waging peace looks like."
Arab Women Staying Alive
author:  Ahdaf Souef, Egypt
published:  March 13, 2003
quote: " Now, simply trying to hold on to our world is a political action."
Letter of Resignation
author:  John Brady Kiesling, USA
published:  February 27, 2003
quote: " I am writing you to submit my resignation from the Foreign Service of the United States and from my position as Political Counselor in U.S. Embassy Athens, effective March 7. "
Crowd Control Was Out of Control
author:  Lorraine Kreahling, USA
published:  February 20, 2003
quote: " The orders for crowd control handed down to the police meant hundreds of thousands of demonstrators . . . were prevented from attending the rally."
Report from New York
author:  Liza Featherstone, USA
published:  February 17, 2003
quote: " 'This is so unconstitutional!' frustrated demonstraters kept exclaiming."
Report from New York City
author:  Anonymous, USA
published:  February 16, 2003
quote: " We were apparently the only city that was refused a marching permit. . . ."
"Some are quilty, all are responsible."
author:  Ruth Messinger, USA
published:  February 15, 2003
quote: " As people of conscience we are responsible for what our government does. "
A monument to hypocrisy
author:  Edward Said, USA/Palestine
published:  February 14, 2003
quote: " It has finally become intolerable to listen to or look at news in this country."
We Stand Passively Mute
author:  Senator Robert C. Byrd, USA
published:  February 12, 2003
quote: " This coming battle, if it materializes, represents a turning point in U.S. foreign policy."
Patriot Act, the sequel
author:  Unsigned editorial, USA
published:  February 11, 2003
quote: " Someone in the Justice Department clearly wants to preserve our most cherished civil liberties. "
Anti-War Activism in Turkey
author:  Ayse Gul Altinai, Turkey
published:  February 4, 2003
quote: " Let us turn Ankara into the capital of peace. "
The US is preparing to attack the Arab world, while the Arabs whimper in submission
author:  Edward Said, USA/Palestine
published:  January 25, 2003
quote: " Preparations for an unimaginably costly war continue without either public approval or, at least until very recently, dramatically noticeable disapproval."