Annual report 1999-2000

In Memoriam Deborah Dreier, 1948-2007
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  April 14, 2007

voice:  "Nancy Keenan,"
published:  June 22, 2006

Slow Learner
voice:  "Mary M. Johnston, USA"
published:  August 21, 2004

Peace and Security for Us All
voice:  "Nzitonda Elousa, Burundi "
published:  June 11, 2003

In the Stars
voice:  "Monica Arac de Nyeko, Uganda"
published:  June 11, 2003

My Safe Child
voice:  "Daphna Baram, Israel "
published:  June 11, 2003

Sound of Sanity
voice:  "Kathy L. Nguyen, USA/Vietnam"
published:  June 11, 2003

Subway Negotiations
voice:  "Sherien Sultan, USA"
published:  June 11, 2003

War Zone
voice:  "Dierdre McKee, USA"
published:  June 11, 2003

Woe-men’s Experience of War!
voice:  "Mildred Barya, Uganda "
published:  June 11, 2003

Women Deserve Better
voice:  "Barbara Hanneman, USA "
published:  June 11, 2003

We Survived.
voice:  "Asale Angel-Ajani, Columbia "
published:  June 11, 2003

What a War Zone Means to Me
voice:  "Juanita R. Ramirez, Philippines"
published:  June 11, 2003

War and Motherhood
voice:  "Shahrzad Mojab, Iran/Canada"
published:  June 11, 2003

A War Against Womanhood
voice:  "Nasrin Parvaz, Iran/UK"
published:  June 11, 2003

A Dream of a Life without War
voice:  "Naw Zipporah Sein, Thailand/Burma"
published:  June 11, 2003

Life in a State of Terror
voice:  "Nastaran, Iran"
published:  June 11, 2003

Fatwas and Democratic Rights: The Time to Intervene Is Now
voice:  "Rotimi Sankore, United Kingdom (Nigeria)"
published:  December 5, 2002

Terror and History
voice:  "Mitchell Plitnick, USA"
published:  October 15, 2002

War Will Not End Terrorism
voice:  "Tamim Ansary, USA/Afghanistan"
published:  October 10, 2002

The Bush Doctrine of Pre-Emption
voice:  "Senator Edward M. Kennedy, USA"
published:  October 7, 2002

9/11 EMS Workers’ Statement against War
voice:  "Emergency Medical Service workers, USA"
published:  October 6, 2002

The Push for War
voice:  "Anatol Lieven, USA"
published:  October 3, 2002

Waging war on Iraq is not justified
voice:  "Aharon Levran, Israel"
published:  September 24, 2002

Whose Security?
voice:  "Charlotte Bunch, USA"
published:  September 23, 2002

Who can declare war?
voice:  "Ruth Rosen, USA"
published:  September 15, 2002

An Era of Women Leaders Ends at the UN
voice:  "Barbara Crossette, USA"
published:  September 13, 2002

September 11 and Its Implications for Africa
voice:  "Rotimi Sankore, United Kingdom (Nigeria)"
published:  September 12, 2002

One year on: A view from the Middle East
voice:  "Robert Fisk, United Kingdom"
published:  September 11, 2002

One Year Later
voice:  "September Eleventh Family Members for Peaceful Tomorrows, USA"
published:  September 10, 2002

An Open Letter to America
voice:  "Ariel Dorfman, USA (Chile)"
published:  September 8, 2002

The power of Pakistan's progressive press
voice:  "Kamila Shamsie, Pakistan"
published:  September 6, 2002

Overview of Changes to Legal Rights
voice:  "The Associated Press, USA"
published:  September 5, 2002

The Troubling New Face of America
voice:  "President Jimmy Carter, USA"
published:  September 4, 2002

Project Censored 2001
voice:  "AlterNet Staff, USA"
published:  September 3, 2002

Bush vs Women
voice:  "Nicholas D. Kristof, USA"
published:  August 16, 2002

Brutality Cloaked as Tradition
voice:  "Beena Sarwar, Pakistan"
published:  August 6, 2002

Lost in Sweden: A Kurdish Daughter Is Sacrificed
voice:  "Sarah Lyall, USA "
published:  July 23, 2002

The power of peaceful protest
voice:  "Ruth Rosen, USA"
published:  July 22, 2002

Elisa Carrio in Lead to Be Argentina's President
voice:  "Sophie Arie, USA"
published:  July 18, 2002

The secrets and lies of Britain's Asians
voice:  "Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, United Kingdom"
published:  July 15, 2002

Reality Gap in Afghanistan
voice:  "Belquis Ahmadi, Afghanistan"
published:  July 8, 2002

Warlords Emerge from Loya Jirga More Powerful Than Ever
voice:  "Human Rights Watch, international"
published:  June 19, 2002

We won't deny our consciences: statement on the war on terror
voice:  "Michael Albert, Laurie Anderson, et al, USA"
published:  June 14, 2002

Loya Jirga Off to Shaky Start
voice:  "Human Rights Watch, international"
published:  June 13, 2002

Under the nuclear shadow
voice:  "Arundhati Roy, India"
published:  June 2, 2002

Draft Letter to Ministries and Missions Regarding Election of Judges to the International Criminal Court
voice:  "Women's Caucus for Gender Justice, international"
published:  June 1, 2002

Carta a los Ministerios y Misiones
voice:  "El Caucus de Mujeres por la Justicia de Género, internacional "
published:  June 1, 2002

South Asia: Lighting the Nuclear Fire
voice:  "Pervez Hoodbhoy, Pakistan "
published:  May 26, 2002

Report from Afghanistan
voice:  "Nasrine Gross, USA (Afghanistan)"
published:  May 21, 2002

The "Talibanization" of Bangladesh
voice:  "Ruth Baldwin, USA"
published:  May 18, 2002

The Globalizer Who Came in from the Cold
voice:  "Greg Palast, USA"
published:  March 19, 2002

In Solidarity with the Iraqi People . . . A Better World Is Still Possible
voice:  "The New Women Research Center, et al, International"
published:  March 17, 2002

Haitian Women’s March 8th Declaration
voice:  "Danièle Magloire for Enfofanm, et al, Haiti"
published:  March 8, 2002

Selected Poems
voice:  "Anisa Darwish, Palestine"
published:  March 1, 2002

Two Thousand Detainees
voice:  "Hon. Cynthia A. McKinney, USA"
published:  February 27, 2002

A Prayer for America
voice:  "Hon. Dennis J. Kucinich, USA"
published:  February 17, 2002

It's My Flag, Too
voice:  "Barbara Kingsolver, USA"
published:  January 13, 2002

The New McCarthyism
voice:  "Matthew Rothschild, USA"
published:  January 1, 2002

Bringing the Holy War Home
voice:  "Ellen Willis, USA"
published:  December 17, 2001

The Foreign Policy Therapist
voice:  "Wallace Shawn, USA"
published:  December 3, 2001

How does the world crisis look from where you are sitting?
voice:  "Women's WORLD, international"
published:  December 1, 2001

The Anger of the Damned
voice:  "Orhan Pamuk, Turkey"
published:  November 15, 2001

An Indigenous Perspective on the War on Terrorism
voice:  "Mike Krebs, Canada (Blackfoot)"
published:  November 13, 2001

See No Evil: An Interview with Anna Politkovskaya
voice:  "Emma Gray, Europe Program Consultant, CPJ"
published:  November 13, 2001

First Writing Since
voice:  "Suheir Hammad, USA (Palestine) "
published:  November 11, 2001

A Future Veiled in False Hopes
voice:  "Nafisa Hoodbhoy, Pakistan"
published:  November 11, 2001

Weapons of Peace
voice:  "Ritu Menon, India"
published:  November 8, 2001

The Angry Men Who Dictate Policy
voice:  "Barbara Crossette, USA"
published:  November 4, 2001

Veiled Threat
voice:  "Barbara Ehrenreich, USA"
published:  November 4, 2001

Limbs of No Body: Indifference to the Afghan Tragedy, Part II
voice:  "Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Iran"
published:  November 1, 2001

Limbs of No Body: Indifference to the Afghan Tragedy, Part I
voice:  "Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Iran"
published:  November 1, 2001

Against Self-Censorship
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  November 1, 2001

Paying the Price for Ignoring Women's Calls Against Fundamentalism
voice:  "Sunila Abeysekera, Sri Lanka"
published:  October 31, 2001

Twelve Points: Stop the War, Rebuild a Just Society in Afghanistan and Support Women’s Human Rights
voice:  "Anonymous, USA, Asia, Latin America"
published:  October 30, 2001

A Palestinian-American Comes Home to Texas
voice:  "Muna Hamzeh, USA (Palestine)"
published:  October 19, 2001

The Battlefield in the American Mind
voice:  "Mark Danner, USA"
published:  October 16, 2001

War Frenzy—Sunera Thobani Responds
voice:  "Sunera Thobani, Canada"
published:  October 16, 2001

No Glory in Unjust War on the Weak
voice:  "Barbara Kingsolver, USA"
published:  October 14, 2001

Stop the attack on Afghanistan!
voice:  "The Coalition of Women for Peace, Israel"
published:  October 12, 2001

You cannot slaughter people into submission
voice:  "Sunera Thobani, Canada"
published:  October 1, 2001

Phantom Towers: Feminist Reflections on the Battle between Global Capitalism and Fundamentalist Terrorism
voice:  "Rosalind P. Petchesky, USA"
published:  September 25, 2001

Hear the Voices of Women
voice:  "Anne S. Walker and anonymous, international"
published:  September 25, 2001

A Pure, High Note of Anguish
voice:  "Barbara Kingsolver, USA"
published:  September 23, 2001

Women and War
voice:  "Madeleine Bunting, UK"
published:  September 20, 2001

Talk of the Town
voice:  "Susan Sontag, USA"
published:  September 17, 2001

Palestinian and Israeli Women Write President Bush
voice:  "Sumaya Farhat-Naser, Palestine, and Gila Svirsky, Israel"
published:  September 16, 2001

Declaration of the Essential Rights of Afghan Women
voice:  "Women of Afghanistan, Afghanistan"
published:  June 28, 2000

Urgent Appeal to Friends of Women’s Freedom of Speech
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  January 13, 2000

Defence Statement of Nadire Mater to the Chief Judge
voice:  "Nadire Mater, Turkey"
published:  November 26, 1999

Pataki's Army Goes Onward to SUNY
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  November 16, 1998

Women, Ethnic War, and Civil Society
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  March 9, 1998

Problems and Prospects for Publishing in the West: Arab Women Writers Today
voice:  "Amal Amireh, USA/Palestine"
published:  September 1, 1996

My Censorship—And Ours
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  March 20, 1995

Report on Taslima Nasrin
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  July 16, 1994

Taslima Nasrin under Second Death Threat: A Background Paper
voice:  "The International PEN Women Writers' Committee"
published:  June 23, 1994

Taslima Nasrin: A Background Paper
voice:  "Meredith Tax, International PEN Women Writers' Committee "
published:  November 5, 1993

The Five Croatian"Witches": A casebook on "trial by public opinion" as a form of censorship and intimidation
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  July 1, 1993

Excerpts of Speech to the Assembly of International PEN, Vienna, Austria
voice:  "Meredith Tax, USA"
published:  November 14, 1991