Women's WORLD is two things: a global free speech network of individual women writers and an international association of women writers' groups.

To become an individual member of the network, fill out the questionnaire. We will put you on our e-list and our mailing list. Once a year, we ask members of the network who live in the US to make a financial contribution to support our work.If you wish to make such a contribution now, hit the Donate Now button on the left and fill out the form electronically, or print it out and mail it to us at the address below.

To start a relationship with us as a group, please write us about your organization and program. We want to be in touch with women writers' groups all over the world that share our point of view and want to work with us to fight censorship.

But please understand that we are a free speech network of writers, not a publisher or a donor agency. We cannot help you get published. And we do not give money to affiliate groups, or raise money for local programs.

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