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Biographical note:

Mariella Sala is a short story writer, journalist, editor, and media activist. She began her career as a reporter specializing in women's issues and, in 1979, became managing editor of the magazine Mujer. In 1984, Sala published her book of short stories, Desde el exilio. Her stories have been translated into English, French, and German and published in many anthologies of Latin American literature. In 1983, Sala began to work full time for the Flora Tristan Centro de la Mujer Peruana, one of the two main women's liberation organizations in Peru, where she organized press

contacts, coordinated a daily radio program, edited a magazine Viva, and founded and ran the group's publishing house, where she initiated the Magda Portal writing contest for young women. She was at various points both Director and Chair of the Board of Flora Tristan, and, in 1992, was given a Dashiell Hammett-Lillian Hellman Award by Human Rights Watch for fighting Sendero Luminoso's censorship by terror. In 1995, she became director of Tafos, a non-profit photographic agency, and in 1999, became a correspondent for Fempress, a Latin American press service based in Chile. She also writes articles for the media in Norway and the Netherlands. Sala is currently employed as Director of the Latin American Press Agency. She is the founding Chair of RELAT, the Latin American network of women writers.



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  • VIVA! Editor, issues 1-15, 1984-89.



Director, Latinamerica Press
Based in Lima, Peru, Latinamerica Press has been publishing independent news, analysis, and information materials since 1969.

International Director, RELAT (Red de Escritoras Latinoamericanas)


Biography (in Spanish)

Esther Andradi, "RELAT: Red latinoamericana de escritores."