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(W)rightful (from the Greek, "the right to write")

(W)rightful is a Greek organization founded to create a culture of writing.


Christiana Lambrinidis
Pafsaniou 21
1635 Athens

Christiana Lambrinidis

Board or Other Members
Eleni Apostolopoulou
Dimitra Argyriou
Fani Folerou
Constantinos Ktenas
Xanthi Papanastasiou
Aggeliki Sratigopoulou
Rania Stathoyianopoulou

Among our members are women from the Turkish minority in Greece, immigrants, illiterate women from border villages, ex-prisoners from the civil war, the director of development programs for the National Book Arcade, one of the leading lawyers in the country on copyright law, sociologists of education, the vice-president of Very Special Arts (Greek section).

Mission Statement

Writing is a right, not a privilege. The first act of writing is the testimony of oneself. Our goal is to give voice to the voiceless by creating a culture of writing, mobilizing (among others) the huge potential of the culturally and socially excluded as a means to resolve social, ethnic, and religious conflict and illiteracy problems.


(W)rightful's principal activities are workshops and publications, including:

  • Creative writing, playwriting and translation workshops
  • Conflict resolution theater
  • Illiteracy projects
  • Women's literature seminars and symposia
  • Documentation center
  • A publishing project

History and Accomplishments

(W)RIGHTFUL was founded in June 2000 with fifteen members. It has grown to fifty members through its activities: writing workshops, seminars on women's literature (the only ones available in Greece) and public presentations of women's writing. Its programs include: interfaith writing workshops; women's writing seminars; writing and performance workshops with immigrants and refugees from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, in their own languages; summer writing workshops for women in the Greek islands; a violence and sexuality project with adolescents; workshops with street children; a continuing reading project with urban gypsy women; and writing performances to advance and support women in Greece, such as one in March 2002 in support of the battered women's shelter in Athens. As a result of this work, the caption "feminism" now appears in the largest newspapers in the country before the announcement of (W)rightful’s projects.

(W)rightful is now launching a feminist publishing project, the first such in Greece, to promote women's writing in the areas of theory, literature, and philosophy. Its first book, published in February 2002, Re-claiming Barbie: Essays on Women's Writing, ed. Christiana Lambrinidis, was called a breakthrough in the largest newspaper in the country. In its first week of publication, the book became tenth on the best-seller list, proving how urgent it is to fill the void of women's discourse in Greece.