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Sudestada is an association of women writers in Buenos Aires. (The Sudestada is a powerful storm, specific to Buenos Aires, that clears the air, shows the precarious nature of all construction, and reveals inequalities.)


C.C. 81
Suc. 25, Plaza Italia
Buenos Aires, C1425FFJ - Argentina
Tel/fax +54-11-4568-3029/ +54-11-4383-3679

Lea Fletcher, or Mirta Botta

Board Members
Esther Andradi
Mirta A. Botta
María del Carmen Colombo
Lea Fletcher
Gloria Pampillo
Hilda Rais

Mission Statement

Argentina is a large country but our memory and knowledge of the history of our women writers, and of women writers in the present, are proportionately very small, reduced by isolation, omission and the silencing done by publishing houses, the media and academe. We have formed Sudestada to strengthen our ties with our own past, with our literary ancestors, and among ourselves today, so that women's writing will be valued and occupy the place it deserves in the Argentine cultural tradition.

History, Goals, and Activities

Sudestada was formed in 1999; its first public activity was a national conference of Argentinian women writers held in March 2000, at which the following goals were adopted:

  • To know the women writers of all disciplines in Buenos Aires and their work
  • To increase distribution of their work
  • To popularize their theoretical and critical work, and other theory and criticism with a feminist or gender perspective
  • To encourage the reading of women's books
  • To promote the publication of women's books
  • To hold regional, national and international conferences
  • To cooperate with networks of other women writers
  • To consolidate REBA (Network of Women Writers from the city and province of Buenos Aires), a data base of women writers, their activities and work