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REBRA (Rede de Escritoras Brasileiras)

REBRA (Rede de Escritoras Brasileiras) is a network of Brazilian women writers.


Avenida Higienpolis, 968 # 43-B
01238-000 - Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil
Tel and fax +55-11-38-25-35-85

Joyce Cavalccante

Board of Directors
Joyce Cavalccante, President
Kátia Abud, Secretary
Sabine Cavalcante, Treasurer
Nilza Amaral
Neide Archanjo
Cândida Arruda Botelho
Lou De Olivier
Thereza Cristina Rocque Da Motta

Advisory Board
Rachel De Queiroz
Lygia Fagundes Telles
Nélida Piñon
Maria De Lourdes Leite (Portugal)
Isabel Ortega (Spain)
Ângela Bretas (USA)

Mission Statement

REBRA wants to level the great injustice that women writers in Brazil, in particular, and Brazilian women, in general, have suffered and continue to suffer by being excluded from the historical records of our society. We have made a public commitment to literature, culture and social justice, understanding that ideas expressed in the written word have the power to change human society completely. And this is REBRA's main objective: the improvement of Brazilian society, in particular, and of humanity, in general, by means of women's writing. Our guidelines are:

  • To defend women's universal rights
  • To defend the right to free expression of all human beings
  • To enable the exercise of solidarity and fraternity with no restrictions whatsoever
  • To promote the respect for and preservation of humanity's cultural assets in Brazil and abroad
  • To promote the respect for and preservation of the planet's environment
  • To repudiate all forms of violence to human life
  • To repudiate all forms of prejudice, tacit or explicit, towards women
  • To repudiate all form of color, race, religious and gender prejudice
  • To fight for justice and equality, with a vision of the well being of the human race


REBRA was founded on International Women's Day, March 8, 1999, and put up its website the same year. We work in collaboration with RELAT, the Women 's WORLD Latin American network of women writers headquartered in Peru.